Welcome to From Billy Bistro & Pub

Looking for a cozy spot to start your day? Join us for a delicious breakfast, complete with freshly ground coffee and a selection of savory dishes to fuel up for your adventures around the Cabot Trail. As the day goes on, our lively pub with waterfront views comes to life, offering a range of fresh seafood, live music & sports, and local craft beer on tap. Right in the summer action in Baddeck, take in the scenic views from our outdoor patio or enjoy the relaxed atmosphere inside. And if you're looking for a unique souvenir or gift, be sure to stop by our in-house retail area, where we sell a variety of hand-crafted merchandise including t-shirts, mugs, and sweaters - all designed right here in-house celebrating the unique culture and amazing landscape we call home in Cape Breton.

The Story Behind the Name

Inspired by the owner’s grandfather William McKee, a prolific painter, from billy is an homage to artists and creatives in all fields. from billy treats food and beverage service as an art worthy of perfecting in an inspiring environment.

The only painting William ever painted twice was at the request of his mother. In receiving this painting as a gift, she comically wrote “From Billy” on the back of the canvas - inspiring both the logo and name.


Home of flaretees, our merch is designed by us, with each design inspired by the scenic landscapes and unique culture of Cape Breton.

Each item in our collection is carefully crafted with the utmost attention to detail and quality. From shirts to hats to mugs and more, our products make the perfect gift for anyone who wants to take a piece of Cape Breton home with them. Whether you're a local resident looking to represent home in style or a visitor who wants to capture the memories of your trip, our merch is sure to delight and inspire. Stop by to find the trendy and tasteful Cape Breton merch you've been looking for!

Check out our Etsy store for a full selection of designs, sizes and colours delivered right to your door: Online Store

Hours of Operation

Sunday Breakfast: 7 am to Noon
Pub: 4 pm to Close
Monday Breakfast: 7 am to Noon
Pub: 4 pm to Close
Tuesday Breakfast: 7 am to Noon
Pub: 4 pm to Close
Wednesday Breakfast: 7 am to Noon
Pub: 4 pm to Close
Thursday CLOSED
Friday Breakfast: 7 am to Noon
Pub: 4 pm to Close
Saturday Breakfast: 7 am to Noon
Pub: 4 pm to Close

Contact Us

Phone: (902) 295-2303

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